How Advisors Can Take Part in Wildlife Tourism Responsibly

Over the years, travel and tourism has become one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries, with a global economic contribution of almost $8 trillion. Tourism has been increasing as an important niche in the travel industry, and wildlife tourism is just one example of that trend.

When conducted responsibly, wildlife tourism can be a powerful tool that many countries can leverage to grow and diversify their economies, while protecting their biodiversity and meeting their sustainable development goals.

As far as being environmentally friendly, Greenloons is one of the most efficient wildlife tourism companies. She wanted to create a website that would present facts about ecotourism, provide a forum for travelers to share their experiences, and allow consumers to decide for themselves what’s best.

But, she wanted to go a step further and offer people safe, educational and fun vacations, provided by certified or accredited tour operators. Lane also mentioned some of the benefits of wildlife tourism: Economic benefits and new job opportunities; direct and indirect job creation; new tourism products; and more.

It’s our mission to connect travelers with unique and meaningful vacations that are more sustainable than the typical mass-tourism trip. We’re excited to be working with the World Wildlife Fund to promote tourism that is better for people and for the planet.

Eco-certified tours in over 45 destinations

The company offers eco-certified tours around the world, with every continent being represented. They work with eco-certified guiding companies and ecotourism accommodation owners that have been independently verified as focusing on the three tenants of social empowerment, economic viability, and environmental responsibility.

Be wary of tour operators who guarantee any kind of wildlife sighting. They’re simply not as reliable as the big companies. Instead, seek out the reputable tour operators on your list and stick with them!

The second step is showing interest in in-country national park experiences and not just the “tortoises of Galapagos” or “Big 5 of Africa.” And the third step is searching for community-based conservation experiences where local communities own and manage the tourist operations on their lands.

She also recommended for travelers to seek out eco-certified companies. What if the ride isn’t available? Can we cancel the trip? What is the company’s philosophy of responsible wildlife tourism? What is the priority? Safety or seeing wildlife?

How are you instructed before you depart and during your trip?

How important is it that the company donates a portion of its profits to local conservation and associated human welfare projects? Lane says, “This is where reputable and accredited eco-certification standards are so crucial for the development and maintenance of responsible wildlife activities,”

Lane continued. “For example, Greenloons partners with lodge owners who have worked in tandem with local (indigenous) communities so that they are equal stakeholders in the effort.

We work with partners whose construction efforts do not disturb habitats, and when that’s not possible, they work to restore habitats in a way that is transparent and accountable.

The clients, the services

Greenloon typically caters to two different type of clients. While the mature baby boomers value the opportunity to engage in a variety of educational, cultural, and culinary activities; the trendy family wants to experience an already-visited destination with their children in a new way that highlights nature, wildlife and culture.

Greenloons provides three services to its clients:

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Sustainable Consulting Services: They offer a variety of services for travel business owners, including the calculation of ROI, psychographic analysis of the American eco-traveler, certification audits, and community development strategies.

Greenloons and other ecotourism companies like it are helping to pave the way for the tourism industry to grow and thrive, while maintaining healthy ecosystems that sustain wildlife populations. They are also creating quality experiences for tourists who want to observe wildlife, with minimal impact on their surroundings.

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