How to travel easier and more responsibly with kids

Travel is a good thing that increases happiness, intelligence and helps people adapt to change, which makes it a really valuable thing. A lot of parents are sometimes afraid of traveling with their kids, so they don’t do so.

“Are We There Yet?: Traveling More Responsibly with Your Children” is a great book for parents who are looking for tips to travel with their children more easily, and for kids who want to learn the principles of responsible travel.

People who travel responsibly are more than just travelers: it’s about being aware of how we impact the places we visit and the communities we stay in. It’s being more thoughtful about our purchases, too. I interviewed the author, Rachel Dodds, and here’s what she said to me:

What has inspired your book?

I wish I’d heard that when I was starting out. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars or even thousands to live an adventure-filled life. Traveling with a baby can be difficult, but I wanted to share some of the advice I found helpful, from packing to travel plans and everything in between.

Richard and I discuss how there’s a need to convert non-readers to academic readers. So we created this.

What do we have to consider to make travel more sustainable?

If we can make travel more sustainable in many steps of the travel process, we will.

Some of the most important things we do are: Packing less carbon; Take alternative forms of transportation, such as biking, carpooling, and telecommuting; Travel in offseason; Ensure our animal encounters are ethical and non-harming; and ensure we have a lesser impact

This book covers the entire process of creating and organizing your own holiday from start to finish, including planning the trip, choosing where you’re going, choosing your type of holiday, packing for your trip, and even how to enjoy your vacation after you get home.

The key thing we want to get across is that it’s wrong to shame someone. People often think they are too busy to change their eating habits, but making just one small change can make a difference. Everyone can do it!

Can you give us some tips to enjoy our travel with kids?

You need to make plans to ensure you don’t get stuck at home. You can have healthy snacks available to eat which are better for you than having to go out to the fast food chain. Happiness is good for you, for your kids, and for your grandparents.

The second tip is to involve your children in the process, whether you have a very young or very old child in the family. This is a fantastic read for parents of teenagers. If your children are still young and you are interested in getting them involved in the world of travel, then this is the perfect book for you.

Is there a memorable and sustainable travel experience with kids you suggest trying?

There are so many ways to learn about programming and coding: through online courses, books, and practice. It’s not enough to learn only the words of a local language, but it is important to expose your children to the culture. They will learn more if you do.

I remember talking to my dad about swimming with dolphins when I was four years old. When I asked my friend if dolphins lived in swimming pools or oceans she realised how unfair it is to the dolphins. After that trip, I knew I needed to do more to help other mums like myself.

What do you think is really important to raise resilient and responsible kids?

Raising resilient and responsible children leads to resilient and responsible adults. We all have something to improve and everyone is not perfect. If we all take a step in the right direction, this is not just good for ourselves and our children but also for our communities and the environment around us.

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