My trip to Israel

poppie field in israel   israel surfing

As a Cruise and Travel Specialist I was invited to go to Israel and Jordan for 10 days, it was a fantastic trip, what surprised me the most was how Green and Lush Israel was, they have mastered Eco-Green in everything they do, from Solar Energey, every new building is built with solar panels and the old buildings solar panels are added to them. Irrigation in the desert is breathtaking Windmills are all over, The streets are immaculate, it looks like these people know how to live with a positive attitude and joy inspite the threat of war. I felt so safe there. I’m ready to go back.I have become a Certified Specialist on Israel, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Granidines, turks and Caicos Islands. As a Sierra Club Member I am very much awaire of our Environment it is Precious to all of us.

israel beit shean roman ruins